My Self-Test at the start of #MANG2049

This is a self-assessment of my digital literacy at this point of time, for the start of this module: Living and Working on the Web #MANG2049. There will be a rating from 1 to 5 (where 1 is no experience, and 5 is very experienced) for the following factors:

Accessing, managing and evaluating online information – Rating: 2 ★★

The power of search engines are incredible as the search and results for general information is readily at our fingertips. I believe my problem will be trying to validate all the different information that I readily got. Which information do I believe? How do I think that the information can be integrated into my work?

Participating in online communities – Rating: 2 ★★

I have read about online communities and know of some existence for my interests, for scuba-diving and backpacking, but I have not participated much. I am more of a passive follower in the online communities.

Building online networks around an area of interest – Rating: 1 ★

I have not built any online network around an area for interest, although I am looking forward to creating one. It will be nice to find people of common interests off the Internet and making friends out of them.

Collaborating with others – Rating: 3 ★★★

Collaborating with others online, I worked on Google Docs, on Microsoft One Drive for information sharing. During my previous projects in school, I worked alongside peers a lot, offline and online, to finalise and create prototypes and business plans.

Creating online materials (text, audio, images and video) – Rating: 3 ★★★

I keep a private journal online, since I was introduced to Blogspot and Livejournal in my primary school days. I love keeping my memories in the form of thoughts and pictures, and sometimes videos, therefore creating online materials is not a feat.

Managing your online identity – Rating: 2 ★★

As an individual born of today’s digitalised society, I see the value of having an online identity in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Other than regular personal updates, I think I have a lot to improve on to make my digital profiles more professional, so as to network better. I know that creating a LinkedIn profile will be beneficial for my career, but I have yet to create one as of now.

Managing your online privacy and security – Rating: 1 ★

Although I try, I am not fully confident of protecting my online privacy and security. Passwords and credentials are well-kept secrets but when it comes to technology, I am no expert.

I hope my journey in #MANG2049 will enhance my digital profile and improve my digital literacy.


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