Review: The Online Identity, or Identities?

Reading through the blogs, I realised that there were many different views as to having one or more online identities. While there are no right or wrong viewpoints, judgement should be based on the individual’s motivation.

Calanthea’s post has tweaked my stand to see another good in multiple identities. She brought up that having multiple identities (e.g. a private second Instagram account) could be meaningful. It helped her friend; living in UK, foster a more intimate bond with Calanthea. The increased privacy enabled her to express freedom of speech. (Krotoski, 2012) No doubt, the posts will have an increased level of authenticity.

In this case, the motivation of her friend is purely camaraderie. This second identity could benefit her emotionally.

I do think that the line should be drawn when the multiple identities are created to make offensive comments meant to devalue a victim. This becomes cyber-bullying where the anonymous identities criticize limitlessly knowing that they do not have to pay for their aggressive action. In this case, anonymity should be frowned upon.

From a marketer’s view, Joey enlightened me with the benefit of marketing with multiple identities. From vlogger Colleen Evans, we can see that her second identity, Miranda Sings, was celebrated and it created a greater popularity for her. She successfully marketed multiple personas to different viewers.


(Picture Source: NeuroScience MarketingHow Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Dad, Forbes)

Contrary to the vlogger’s case, Calanthea’s post revealed the drawback of multiple identities as it could mislead marketers’ knowledge of their customer, making it hard for target marketing. (Hill, 2012) Therefore, with proper profiling of customers, marketers tend to find authenticity in online identities for greater accuracy in target marketing.

Regardless of the number of identities, I believe that in the end, it all boils down to the purpose of the digital footprint.

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Krotoski, A. (19 April 2012). Online identity: is authencity or anonymity more important? The Guardian. Retrieved on 4 November 2015 from


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