About Me

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Hello. My name is Crystal Moh.

Today I am studying the BSc Marketing course under the University of Southampton degree programme at SIM (Singapore). Prior to this, I completed my diploma Business in Tourism and Resort Management in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I do have a jet setter dream. To me, travelling is indeed the best form of education.


I am an ocean lover.

A life-changing experience I had was a 6-month internship in The Maldives, on Vagaru Island. Being on a resort island for 6 months was definitely new and challenging, but alluring, for a nature lover and scuba-diving enthusiast that I am. I love the sand, I love the clear blue lagoons and most of all, I love the underwater world. The words ‘paradise exists‘ never felt more true.

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I am a music lover.

I enjoy music. The bands Coldplay and One Republic are absolute favourites. Jamming to music with my friends fills my soul. I enjoy quality time with family and friends because life is precious.

I am still working at life to figure out what to do with it. Fulfil my globetrotting dreams? Lead a marine conservation programme? Start a business? For now, what I do know is that living life with love and positivity is my formula to happiness.

Feel free to tweet me at my Twitter handle, @CrystalMohUOS 🙂


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